Villeray, a neighborhood in which to live !

L', 14 May 2015

Villeray is a neighborhood where several major arteries converge in Montreal. Access is easy both by public transport and by car. This “eco-district” radiates through local assistance between residents and traders. This expanding area is seen to be rejuvenated by the arrival of younger families. Visit the Jarry Park and enjoy the green spaces!

If you decide to adopt this neighbourhood, the “Maison de Quartier Villeray” might interest you. This charity helps improve the living conditions of the population. The organization offers services such as community gardens, collective cooking classes, economic groceries and more. It is in a spirit of mutual aid and solidarity that the «Maison de Quartier Villeray» aims to develop the community.

For more information on visit the «Maison de Quartier Villeray ».

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