Check out this checklist for apartment safety

Accommodation comparison

Apartment hunting can be as exciting as it is stressful! Finding the perfect apartment is a lot of pressure, especially if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for. It’s helpful to keep track of  your observations while you are visiting various apartments in order to reflect upon the pros and cons of each one. If the Rental Unit Evaluation Worksheet  list is a wishlist of what you want in an apartment, the Accommodation Comparison Worksheet is your actual observations of the apartments that you are visiting. This worksheet is to  help you compare the similarities or the differences  contrast with your priorities list.  You can use this Accommodation Comparison Worksheet as a helpful tool in comparing various apartments. This comparison worksheet is list of real observations Try and visit at least 5 different apartments before you make your decision!

Safety checklist

Safety should be one of your biggest priorities when apartment-hunting. You need to feel safe  and comfortable at home! You may take it for granted that safety regulations are being followed, however it is not always the case and you should pay attention to: smoke detectors, secure locks, building stability, and other things that could cause problems for you during your lease. Check out the state of the building.  Take a good look at the laundry room and the building’s entrance. Are these areas well-maintained, is there garbage in these common spaces?  Do parts of the building smell bad? These might all be signs of poor upkeep by the landlord. Print out and complete this Safety Checklist for each apartment you visit. Don’t take anything for granted, be critical!