“Help! It’s an Emergency!”


  • A 911 call
  • Your landlord’s phone number
  • The phone number for the appropriate professional (electrician, plumber, animal control, etc.)
  • 1 demand letter

Worst-case scenario: your apartment is subject to an emergency situation: fire, flood, electrical problem, etc. and something needs to be done NOW.


  1. If the situation requires it, contact the proper authorities immediately (police or fire department) via 911;
  2. Contact your landlord and ask them what to do. Generally they will call a professional immediately.If your landlord does not answer their phone or does not offer to help:
  3. Inform your landlord you will be contacting a professional and invoicing them later for whatever service is necessary. Contact the appropriate professional.If your landlord refuses to refund you for the emergency service you paid for:
  4. Write a demand letter to your landlord informing them that you need to be compensated.
  5. File for a hearing at the Régie du logement.

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