How to deal with noisy neighbors


Imagine this: you are in the middle of midterms studying away,  when all of a sudden your neighbours decide to start an Iron Maiden cover band, and you can’t even hear yourself think, let alone study. Dealing with excessively noisy neighbors can greatly disturb your quality of life, your ability to study, and your sleep schedule. As a tenant, you have the right to peaceful enjoyment of the dwelling. So how much noise is too much? When is it time to involve your Landlord? Here are the steps.


  1. Before involving the landlord, it may be best to knock on your neighbour’s door and have a diplomatic conversation with them about the noise. Be polite, explain your situation and try to come to a mutual agreement. This is not legally necessary, but simply neighbourly.
  2. If the noise continues or your neighbors are not receptive to communication, you should inform your landlord about the problem via an official demand letter.
  3. If the noise continues, your landlord may choose to take the noisy tenants to the Régie du logement, even going so far as cancelling their lease. Keep in mind that if your landlord does not act, you may choose to seek recourse against him at the Régie du logement, asking for a rent reduction or damages.