Finding your landlord’s contact information


  • Your address
  • An ounce of spare time

Many times when people sign a lease for a new dwelling they do not do so with the landlord of the building but the property manager or a representative of the landlord. Generally it is this person’s contact information that is listed on the lease. This person is an employee of your landlord and as such, over time, the person holding this position may change.  When issues arise you must contact your landlord or their representative; sometimes you may be uncomfortable speaking to them or you may not even know who they are. So, how do you find your landlord? Great question! Time to look up the municipal directory of property owners. Please note that this works for Montreal only.


  1. Visit,3528875&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL
  2. Select “Consultez le rôle d’évaluation foncière”.
  3. Enter only your street name (don’t enter the civic number!).
    Tip: Do not use shorthand or acronyms. If your street name begins with a “Saint” be sure to fully spell “Saint” and not “St”- the role foncier won’t recognize it otherwise.
  4. Select your street name and municipality from the list provided.
  5. Select your address from the list provided. If you landlord owns several dwellings, they’ll be grouped together.
  6. Tad-dah! All the registered information on your building. All of the information in “2. Propriétaire” is who and where you can send your registered letter to.