Urgent and Necessary Repairs

Imagine this: you’re relaxing in your pad, minding your own business, when the unthinkable happens: the ceiling falls in!  If this problem is not fixed immediately this could lead to a very damaging situation. Certain situations laid out by the Régie du logement as urgent and necessary repairs are; major leaks of the pipes or roof, faulty wiring, blocked sewer pipes, rotten stairs or balconies that give way, furnace breakdowns (especially during winter) and defects in locks on access doors to dwelling. These things happen and there are ways of fixing them as well as policies to abide by for you and your landlord.


  1. Contact your landlord to inform them of the issue and keep a record of all correspondence. You may choose to use phone and email in order to get in touch with them immediately, however it’s a good idea to send them a legal demand letter which acts as official proof of what is happening. Make sure to write down the date and times you attempt to get in touch. If you speak to someone other than your landlord make sure to record their name/title if they work for your landlord company.
  2. If

What if I don’t have my landlord’s phone number or email address?

Good question! Check out our how to look up your landlord recipe!

If my pipes are leaking can I get a qualified person to install a whole new set?

No, it is highly important to keep the work and the cost at a minimum. Therefore the repairs should be temporary. For example you could seal the leak in the pipes. If you are unsure of what consists of a urgent and necessary repair contact your local housing committee or call the Régie du logement at 514.873.2245.

What if my landlord said they would fix it but still hasn’t?

If your landlord is not acting in due course you may start the process of fixing the problem. However, they are allowed to intervene at any point.