“Help! It’s an Emergency!”

Worst-case scenario: your apartment is subject to an emergency situation: fire, flood, electrical problem, etc. and something needs to be done NOW.


  1. If the situation requires it, contact the proper authorities immediately (police or fire department) via 911;
  2. Contact your landlord and ask them what to do. Generally they will call a professional immediately.If your landlord does not answer their phone or does not offer to help:
  3. Inform your landlord you will be contacting a professional and invoicing them later for whatever service is necessary. Contact the appropriate professional.If your landlord refuses to refund you for the emergency service you paid for:
  4. Write a demand letter to your landlord informing them that you need to be compensated.
  5. File for a hearing at the Régie du logement.

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Can I be held accountable for any damage relating to the emergency?

If the authorities, insurance company or the Régie du logement find that the emergency was due to your neglect as a tenant there can be financial repercussions for you.

If I need to live in temporary accommodations, such as a hotel room, due to the emergency, can I be compensated?

A Generally you should be compensated for any financial loss you take on during an emergency, unless the emergency was due to your neglect. If your landlord refuses to pay for your temporary accommodations you may file at the Régie du logement.

What happens if I cannot live in my apartment anymore after the emergency?

Having to leave your apartment because it is unfit for habitation constitutes as abandonment. See Abandonment recipe for full details.