Finding a housing committee

Housing problems? There are people who can help! Your local housing committee or, in French, comité de logement is here to walk you through your housing rights and responsibilities- much like this website. The umbrella organization representing the interests of all these groups in Québec is called Le Regroupement des Comités  Logement et Association des Locataires du Québec (RCLALQ) and they provide a directory for all of Québec’s housing groups. Need to consult a professional? Here’s how;


  1. Consult this list of housing committees:
  2. Find your local housing committee on the list and consult their website for hours of operation.
  3. Call or visit your local housing committee.
    Note: Generally for any matter that involves legal information you will need to visit the housing committee in person.

For more information:


What if I don’t speak French fluently, can anyone help me?

Contact your local housing committee, or have a french-speaking friend contact them, and ask about other language possibilities. Several housing  committees provide services in several languages, particularly English in Montréal. Otherwise, your local community center or university may also provide housing resources in your preferred language.

I live in the country, are there housing committees outside of city centers?

Yes! If you refer to the RCLALQ list (listed above) you will find that many rural areas in Québec still have housing committees.