RL-31 slip?!


  • Your lease
  • A photocopier
  • Mailing necessities (i.e. stamps, envelopes, etc.)

RL-31 is a tax slip filled out by your landlord, which allows you to claim the housing component of the solidarity tax credit. Any tenant or subtenant is eligible to receive this tax break, however, an occupant of a property is not. If you are eligible to receive this component of the solidarity tax credit but you have not included the required RL-31 upon submission of your income taxes, you will receive a reduced monthly allowance for the solidarity tax credit.

Your landlord is responsible for providing you with the RL-31 prior to the last day of February. He is responsible of ensuring that each tenant and subtenant has received the form. If your landlord does not fulfill this requirement, he/she will be subject to administrative penalties and tax penalties.

What if your landlord doesn’t provide you with the RL-31?

 Instructions :

  1. Contact your landlord in person, by phone or by email, and ask him to provide you with the RL-31 as is required by the law.
  2. If he refuses or neglects to do so, you must call Revenu Québec. This organization will provide you with an address to which you can send a copy of your lease in order to receive your allotted amount for the housing component of the solidarity tax credit.

NOTE : The Régie du logement does not treat cases about RL-31 because it falls under Tax Laws rather than Housing Laws. Therefore, Revenu Québec is your only resource if you encounter a problem.