Freezing and your landlord won’t turn on the heat?


  • 1 demand letter
  • 1 chair
  • 1 pen
  • 1 piece of paper
  • 1 thermometer
  • 1 friend/witness
  • 1 hat (optional)

Who would have thought, Montreal is actually as cold as they say it is! Montreal is an old city with old buildings and cold seasons and as such heating is an ongoing issue for tenants. This mean that the landlord is legally required to ensure an adequate temperature in the dwelling throughout the year if the lease stipulates it is their responsibility.  Your apartment must always be a comfortable temperature; in the winter this generally assumed to be at or around 21 Degrees Celsius (70°F).


  1. Make sure to check your lease to ensure the landlord is responsible for the heating. This will be indicated under the ‘responsibilities’ section and should have a box ticked off under ‘landlord’ for the heating.
  2. Send a demand letter to your landlord through registered mail stating your concern about the inadequate heating. Include a copy of the Régie du logement’s handout on heating (Heating Problems).
  3. You need solid evidence that your apartment is cold! Record the temperatures of your apartment by putting a thermometer on a chair in the middle of each room in your apartment. Indicate the date, time, outdoor temperature and indoor temperature for a period of days. See this temperature registry as an example of how to keep track of temperatures in your apartment.
  4. Witnesses may also be used, invite your friends over to chill.
  5. This document can be utilized to negotiate with your landlord and also as evidence at a hearing at the Régie du logement.